Saturday, January 26, 2013

France SAVAREZ Electric Nickel Explosion Guitar Strings Set

The materials that are used for these new sets are of a very high quality offering the best possible quality of sound.

The 2 ranges offer different reproduction of sounds. The introductory promotion will give the opportunity to try both of them very easily. You will then feel to which set goes your preference, according to the effect you are wishing to give, the way you play, your guitar and most of all according to your liking.

What emerges in a unanimous way from the tests by the guitarists:

- the string is more resistant
- the sound is “consistent” and bright
- Trebles are very powerful
- The string keeps stable tunning and harmonics

Wound strings (round wound) are plated with nickel.
Available in 5 tensions :
Extra Light X50XL.
Mixed XL/L  X50XLL.
Light X50L *.
Light Medium X50LM *.
Medium X50M.

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