Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Japan Wood Music Box with Two Moving Figure

Price : $31 usd

New Japan Wood Music Box with Two Moving Figure

When the music is playing, two moving figure that on the music box will start their motion. 

Whole Music Box is made by wood. 

It is imported from Japan.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Love Ambassador Dog Chargeable Light LED Night Lamp

just $9.99


Love Dog Chargeable Light Lamp 
Love ambassador 

Application : 
1. To charge the light, please connect the charging wire to the AC220V/50Hz socket.
2. For full charge , 10-12 hours is needed,. The longest charging time should be less than 24 hours, in case of danger.
3. Press the button ,8 LEDs will be on; Press twice, 16 LEDs will be on; Press the third time , the lights will be off.
4. Once full charged, the lights can be on for 7- 10 hours. 
5. Keep children away from the light while being charged.

Basic Parameter : 
ITEMNAME : Love dog lamp 
INPUT : AC220V/50Hz
Power: 0.7W
Material : ABS
Weight : 260g 
Height : 235cm

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New 13.3" Intel Atom D525 1.8G 2GB ram NoteBook NetBook



CPU : Intel Atom D525 2 Core 4 Theard 1.8Ghz CPU. (64-bit,1 MB L2 Cache)

Memory : 2GB DDR3 Memory

Harddisk : 250 GB Harddisk

Display Card : Intel X3150 Graph Card 128mb share memory

Monitor : 13.3 “ WXGA Monitor (1366x 768) 16:9 Resolution  

Optical Drive : DVD-Rewriter 

Camera : 1.3 M Pixels WebCam

Network & Communication 

10/100MB Lan Card

801.11 B/G/N Wireless wifi 

Input & Output :

Speaker out / Mic In


3x USB (2.0)

Card Reader 3 in 1

Size : 324.5 x 221 x 27.5 mm

Weight : 1.8 kg  (Included Battery)

ITEEN-STORE is selling a lowest price notebook for you. This notebook used Intel D525 2 Core 4 Theard 1.8Ghz CPU. It is much faster than N445 and N555. When the requirment of window become higher, 64bit and 1mb L2 Cache CPU have a much better performance for you. 

Will you watch DVD or PPS on the notebook ? 
In this notebook, there is a DVD-rewriter. You can use it to load and write DVD. It is much useful as your desktop.
It included 2GB DD3 Ram Memory, HD video also can be handle by it.
Besides that, 16:9 13.3" Monitor can let you have a good experience for entainment.

1.3 Mega Pixels Webcam can be used on Skype , Msn, google plus , google voice etc.... 

For Wirless Part, It is IEEE 802.11 N . It is faster than 802.11G 10 times more.

Intel 3150 display card can handle much of 2D game already. If you think that 13.3" is not enough for you, you can use the VGA port to tv out.

No need to worry about if there is not enough USB port for use. For this notebook, there are 3 USB 2.0 port. Although you connect mouse to it, there are still have enough USB port for you. It also included 3 in 1 card reader. You can read SDHC , MMC ,MS card directly.

We can provide 1 year Warrant.

Package included
1 x notebook
1 x Menu
1 x Warrant Card
1 x AC charger

*product is not included window.   

For all NoteBook, NetBook will ship via UPS.

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