Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year ~

Happy New Year For All First ... Hope all of our customer have a beautiful life in 2011 ~

New Product Arrival, Big Mouth Tissue Box Cover. It should be suitable for a gift. Showing some  photo here first, I will upload the detail to ITEEN-STORE asap .

Hope all of you will like it .

UPS Shipping Method is Available in ITEEN-STORE

There is a customer posted a question to me via ITEEN-STORE website. It is about the shipping fee for UPS express. Now I will talk about what you should do if you would like to ship the item via UPS.

1. You can make a order via ITEEN-STORE system and select "UPS Express Wait for Quota the shipping fee" as your shipping method. After i received your order, i will quota the shipping fee for you and edit your total price of your order. Then we will inform you to clear the payment by email.

2. You also send me email directly for quota the shipping fee. However, in your email , please let me know that the follow information.

i. The address for shipping.
ii. Name of the product and the quantity.

We can not set the system calculate the UPS shipping fee automatic because the price is vary by the country and the weight. We need to quota the fee by hand. ITEEN-STORE have a special offer from UPS. Normally, if your item are heavier than 1 kg, UPS is lower than Registered Mail.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Orlane Skin Care Product Update in Process

Orlane Skin Care Product is updating. I think that this may need 3-5 days to finish it. Best Prices On The Net: All Genuine Brand Guarantee. Money Back If You Are Not Satisfied

Violin Strings Catalog is finished updated

Violin Strings Set Catalog is already updated. If you find some strings that i have not uploaded, please tell me. I will quota the price for you.

Pirastro Tonica Violin Strings Just $25.49 Now!!

Lazy for the Christmas Holiday

I am so lazy in this Christmas Holiday. Just stop all the update of ITEEN-STORE. I will back to work and work hard now .. But New Year Holiday is coming ~

Limited Time Sales For Jelly Lens

Limited Time Discount .

$1.72  $0.99/each 

Just two days, discount until 30/12/2010 . 


 Jelly Lens For Phone and Compact Digital Camera 

You Can now create special effect with your mobile phone / compact digital camera !! 

The Price listed on the page is for one lens Only 

No 1 : Wide Angle
No 2 : Stretch 
No 3 : 6 image mirage 
No 4 : 3 image mirage 
No 5 : Heart Frame / Blue Filter 
No 6 : Star / Antique 
No 7 : Polorized 
No 8 : Close Up 
No 9 : Soft Lens 
No 10 : Starburst 
No 11 : Vignette 
No 12 : Spark

Friday, December 24, 2010

Shoulder Rest Catalog Finished Update and Limited Time Discount

Limited Time Discount for Violin Shoulder Rest. 10% Off . Not much , but the lowest price that i can afford. Hope you will enjoy our offer. It will be discount until 31/12/2010. I hope ITEEN-STORE can offer at least one discount each week.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Adwords for the Rosin is blocked

So Poor ....

Violin Accessories Catalog is so Big...

Too many different type of product is about Violin Accessories.. Tired.  Hope that I can Finish All the update as Soon as possible.

Metronome , Tuner Catalog is updated


Metronome & Tuner Catalog is finished updated. Welcome to purchase them. Remember there is a $1 Cash Coupon for You

I will continuous to update the website and update the new product for you. 

Rosin Half Price Until 31/12/2010

URL : 

50% Off Coupon For Rosin is available now . Just Type in "rosin0001" in the coupon field when you are checking out. Easy !!

It is available for all type of our Rosin.  

Clearance sale Cloth Pencil Vase (Brown/Green)




Price : 4.99   3.99/pcs  (100g not included shipping fee)

Classical Cloth Pencil Vase , Brown and Green are available. Each of them have 1 in stock only.  
Clearance sale until for this item until 31/12/2010 .

Saturday, December 18, 2010

News : Orlane Skin Care Product is Coming !!!

Already Confirmed that ITEEN-STORE will sell Official ORLANE Skin Care Product soon.  Amazing !!

Ris Music Box Catalog Finished Update

CIMG1648.JPG 12/24/2009


Updated :

* Showed all of the song that is available for each kind of music box.
* Inserted all of the Demo Video to the Product Page.
* All of the music box used JAPAN SANYO Parts.

Next Update should be the Violin Accessories Catalog. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ris Music Box Catalog is updating

Hope I can finish the work in tonight. Still have two product not yet update.

All of the available song for the music box are already inserted the YouTube

-- Sent from my iPad

Try to use Google Adword

Hope it can help us to promote ITEEN-STORE .
But the price is not cheap.. = ="

Thursday, December 16, 2010

EBAY is so SUXK !!!

Almost Two Month already , they still not allow us to list the new item on . Many Hong Kong Seller missed the Christmas period to sell their item.

When will they solve this problem ?? GOD KNOW ~ 

Last dates to post Christmas Airmail 2010 is Over.

According the information from Hong Kong Post Office


Last dates to post Christmas Airmail 2010 is already Over. But don't worry, if you would like the

items will arrive before Christmas, ITEEN-STORE still provide a low price for UPS express service.

Welcome to contact us for quota the shipping fee for the UPS.

Hope All of you will enojy a Happy Christmas Holiday !

Hello Kitty The COSPLAY PARTY On Sales !!!


Date : 16/12/2010 - 18/12/2010 

Hello Kitty The COSPLAY PARTY On Sales !!! Just $2.99 (not included shipping fee) 

We have 1 in stock for each kind of Hello Kitty Only. 

Hurry up ~~ Take them back home Now. 

Ris DIY Mechanical Music Box Kit (15 notes)

One of our featured item for the music box .


we also have a new version, 20 notes.  It may be update in these days. Once updating is finished, i will post on here to tell all of our customer.

$1 Cash Coupon for YOU !!


Recitalmac International Store  is renamed to ITEEN-STORE 


For Celebration of  the renaming, ITEEN-STORE provide a coupon "$1 Cash Coupon" . Hope all of you enjoy the shopping experience on ITEEN-STORE.

How to use : Just type the coupon code "iteen01" when you check out. Easy !!

*minimum purchase for each order at least $5
these promotion only for retail customer.  
each account can use the coupon 1 times only.
coupon expired day : 31/1/2011 

Finish Update the Film Catalog

Updating the Film Catalog finish. 

Next One should be the Music Box Catalog. 

Solaris FGPLUS 800 Color Negative Film 35mm

New Item : 

Solaris FGPLUS 800 Color Negative Film 35mm 

ferrania Technologies

ISO 800 

36 EXP

Made in EU . 

One of the famous 135mm film in the world. Just like their slogan  "easy photography" 

Price : $6.49  ($1.76 for standard shipment , $3.34 for registered shipment w tracking no) 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2010 Iphone Ipad Hit Game Character Angry Birds Plush Doll is Come

Angry Birds Plush Doll are Come !! 

Material: 75% cotton, 25%
polyester Size:26CM*30CM*30CM

Price $15.99 / each , ( $8.9 for standard shipment , $10.49 for registered shipment w tracking no)

For 1 Set , included 1 x red bird , 1 x blue bird , 1 x black bird ,
Price $44.97 /set , ($18.8 for standard shipment , $20.38 for registered shipment w tracking no)

Testing iPad app for the blogger

It is Blogpress.

But there is no WYSWYG editor...

It still a better blogger editor for iPad .

-- sent from my iPad

Trying some app for update the blog from iPad.

This is Monarch.

Trying some app for update the blog from iPad.

This is Monarch.


New Thailand Aromatherapists will arrive in this week

Once they Arrive , We will update the News.

Film Camera Categories Update Finished

Will keep on work for update .
Hope We can finish the whole update in a month .

(New Arrival) LOMO Style Cutie 35mm Jelly Toy Film Camera ~ Purple


Price $9

Lomo Star Style 35mm 4 lens Action Toy Film Camera Mark Down Price


Price : $9.49 - > $8.49

spec :

Type - 35 type Without Flash
Lens - Optical lens, f/8 28mm

Shutter - Leaf Shutter, speed 1/100sec

Film to be Used - 35mm format color or black / white film of ASA 100/ISO 21 or ASA 400/ISO 27

View Finder - Eye level finder

Focusing - Free

Dimensions - 95X63X33mm (about)

Weight -90g

Include - Original box, Camera, Strap, English User Manual

Superheadz 22mm Wide Len Slim Camera

From  15/12/2010 Mark Down Price


Price : $32 -> $31.49

spec :

Wide ! Shoot dynamic, wide-world pictures with its 22mm wide angle lens

Vivid ! Surprisingly vivid colors!... camera geeks will be speechless!

Charming ! Charming pictures, lovely vignetting (tunnel effect)

Compact ! It's all made of plastic... as tiny and light as it get!

Handy! The most convenient and available film format: 35mm!

Juice , Cigarette Series Lomo Camera Mark Down Price


From 15/12/2010

Retail Price : $30 - > $25

Spec : 

Camera Type : 35 mm Film Camera 
Lens : 28mm f/9.5 
Photo Taking Distance :1.0m - infinity 
Shutter Speed : 1/100 sec  

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